Reshaping the future

of plastic waste

Our History

Founded in 2017, ByFusion Global, Inc. was born from the belief that Earth is our most valuable and precious resource. One of the planet’s biggest challenges is the devastating mismanagement of plastic waste, setting the foundation for our vision as an innovative leader with a sustainable solution to the global crisis.

Plastic is strong, flexible, and built to last. It has limitless applications and shouldn’t be a single-use item destined for crowded landfills, harmful marine debris, or toxic incineration. Plastic as a material isn’t the problem; it’s the lack of planning for its lifecycle. We need to reshape the future of plastic waste.

After years of development for industrial mass production, our patent pending Landfill Diversion Platform (LDP) can consistently convert all types of plastic waste into a high-performing, advanced building material called ByBlock®. ByBlock® enables neighborhoods, corporations, and governments to put their plastic waste to work in their local communities while cleaning up the planet. The ByFusion LDP can create jobs, improve infrastructure, and revitalize neighborhoods based on localized needs. Working together, we can be the change that ensures a cleaner, more sustainable planet for future generations.


9B+ Tons

Amount of plastic produced since 1950s

8M+ Tons

Plastic polluting the ocean every year

1M+ Tons

Plastic produced every day, worldwide

Less Than 9%

An optimistic estimate of plastic recycled per year



We strive to be mindful and intentional in how our decision-making affects our planet. Reducing our footprint and what we leave behind will help to create a sustainable future for everyone.


Sustainability is a team effort. To facilitate the changes needed, we work side-by-side with the people and communities we invest in, giving us the resources necessary to protect our planet.


We work tirelessly to produce forward-thinking solutions, achieve tangible results, and generate possibilities that would not otherwise exist. Our commitment is to continue innovating and empowering communities until the plastic waste crisis has been resolved.


We lead by example and do our best to do good and be good… which feels great. Join us!

Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose.